This site used to be my portfolio website. I created it while I was in college, and I feel it served its purpose well.

However, I have since branched out and no longer update this site regularly (the last time I updated it was in February of 2013). For portfolio purposes, I now use LinkedIn. You can view my profile here:

I didn't want to totally take down this site, though. I'm proud of it, and it does have some of my journalism-related work samples. Therefore, I have kept it up and available for people to browse.

If you want to see some some of my early work, go ahead and enter the site by clicking on the link below, and, as always, thanks for stopping by!

> Enter "Todd 2.0: The online portfolio of Todd Vogts" <

  What's this about? That's easy. Since I haven't won a Pulitzer Prize yet, I figured I should get a Nobel Peace Prize. ;) Want to get your own Nobel Peace Prize? Just click here.    

Todd Vogts