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"The Prairie Playhouse Patron's Posse"

Want to be a part of Canton's growing performing arts scene?

Then join "The Prairie Playhouse Patron's Posse" today!

All donations go toward the ongoing success of the Prairie Playhouse. Monies donated would help bring in more shows, keep the Playhouse functioning properly by staying ahead of all maintenance issues, and fund the vast array of projects the Playhouse takes on each year.

To be a part of "The Posse," you must donate at the beginning of each month. After your first year of continuing support, you will receive a plaque inscribed with you name and membership level. Every year, a banquet is held to honor all Posse members and announce membership levels and distribute plaques.

Below is a break-down of membership levels.

"The Patron's Posse"
Patron: $10 per month
Usher: $15 per month
Cashier: $20 per month
Stage Hand: $25 per month
Extra: $30 per month
Supporting Role: $35 per month
Lead Role: $40 per month
Choreographer: $45 per month
Writer: $50 per month
Stage Technician: $55 per month
Director: $60 per month
Producer: $65 per month
Manager: $70 per month

All donations may be sent to:

The Patron's Posse
c/o The Prairie Playhouse
110 S. Main St.
Canton, KS 67428-8889


110 S. Main, Canton, KS 67428
[620.628.4913] - [troy@vogtsworld.com]